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Dr. Michael Thompson, DVM

Top Tips for Managing Allergies in Brussels Griffons: A Vet’s Guide

Discover essential tips on managing allergies in Brussels Griffons, from identifying triggers with your vet to dietary changes and grooming practices. Learn how to create an allergen-free environment and when to consider medication for your pet's best health.
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Brussels Griffons: From Rat-Catchers to Royals – A Breed History

Explore the fascinating journey of Brussels Griffons from humble rat-catchers to symbols of sophistication within European nobility, spurred by Queen Henrietta Maria's admiration. Discover how these esteemed pets evolved into icons of status and the epitome of refined companionship in high society.
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5 Key Considerations When Choosing a Brussels Griffon

Explore whether a Brussels Griffon is your ideal companion, covering their need for attention, grooming commitments, and social nature. This guide emphasizes matching your lifestyle to their unique traits for a harmonious relationship.
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Optimal Exercise & Health Guide for Brussels Griffons

Discover the key to a healthy, happy Brussels Griffon through the perfect blend of exercise and mental stimulation. Learn tips on varied walking routes, indoor games, and the importance of regular vet visits to enhance your dog's wellness.
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Guide to the Social Life of Brussels Griffons: Making Canine Friends

Explore the vibrant social life of Brussels Griffons and learn how early socialization, family security, and your guidance can foster fulfilling canine friendships. Discover tips for nurturing your Griffon's bold, friendly nature in this insightful article.
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Mastering Brussels Griffon Breed Standards for Healthy, Happy Pets

Discover the crucial breed standards for Brussels Griffons, including health, temperament, and behavior, to ensure a fulfilling companionship. Learn how these standards preserve the breed's unique characteristics and improve training and socialization.
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